Happy Hour at My Place!


It’s 3:30pm in the afternoon and I’m making myself an old fashioned cocktail. Is it too early? Nahhhh… I’m sort of procrastinating and sort of doing work and sort of feeling stuck. I took a break and went for a 2 mile walk (to Nordstrom—don’t judge—it’s really not the destination that matters, it’s the step count—about 5,000 steps) thinking that some fresh air would help. And I think it did help a little bit. But I needed something else. Not condoning drinking for inspiration or motivation but every now and then, I think it’s okay.

I got a new computer and finally uploaded all of my pictures that I have taken in the last year and a half of my cooking. There are 1600 pictures!!! I made less than 50 recipes so that’s a huge picture to recipe ratio. I went through all of them and cut them down to about 170. Now I’m going through the 170 and cutting them down further and doing some minor edits. For some reason, this is where I feel a little stuck. Of course, I’m my worst critic. As I’m going through the photos, I’m seeing all the flaws and how I could have styled or staged a certain dish better and debating whether I should try again. UGH. I am having a very heated inner dialogue with myself right now and I’m feeling a little frustrated. I’m questioning myself again. I’m such an amateur. Can I do this? What am I doing? I’ve been in sweatpants for a week straight since I’ve returned from Boston from the holidays and have also not worn make up since then either (until last night when I got invited as a food blogger to a VIP Fried Chicken tasting at a new restaurant—I can muster up the energy to put on make up for fried chicken).

I know I can’t let these doubts stop me from moving forward. So I took a break to write this blurb. Sometimes you just need to let it out of your system, or out of your head, and put your thoughts into words on paper or on a blog. And sometimes you also need to make an old fashioned cocktail. But why stop there? I need gummy bears too.

What do you do for inspiration?